Drought-Friendly Landscapes and Irrigation

We are committed to informing professionals and DIY savvy homeowners about the drought-friendly options that now exist for landscapes and landscape irrigation. As you explore our pages, you’ll find tips about

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Mist Loss Avoidance
  • Correct Timing
  • Correct Placement

Landscape Irrigation Auditing

Tim Wilson wrote the book on municipal water conservation. Among his helpful articles on water conservation is one intriguing title: “Why Landscape Irrigation Auditing Doesn’t Work and How to Fix It.” We highly recommend Tim’s article as a must-read for municipalities considering water conservation measures as well as for our fellow irrigation designers.

In case you haven’t run across this influential and authoritative author, see this from the Amazon entry for his book Site Water Management Planning:

Tim Wilson has spent his adult life in the irrigation industry. Over 20 years ago he began digging ditches in Grand Junction Colorado and, as he is fond of saying, he worked his way down from there. While he studied communications in college, he became addicted to working in the irrigation industry. Along the way he has become a Certified Irrigation Designer in residential, commercial and AG Drip/Micro, as well as a Certified Irrigation Contractor. In addition, he is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor and a Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor. During his career he has worked for and owned contracting and consulting companies in Utah, Texas, Florida, the Mid-Atlantic States and the Pacific Northwest. While the Education Director for the Irrigation Association he authored over a dozen technical training manuals and created over 2 dozen training classes. He has taught more professionals in the green industry than any other individual. He is the only expert in the green industry that is a CTT+ trainer (Certified Technical Trainer). Over the years he has worked with numerous state, local and national groups on water conservation issues and currently is the President of H2O Stewardship Solutions, a water management consulting firm. He is also a director for the Irrigation Water Management Society and a member of The Irrigation Association’s Water Management Committee. Mr. Wilson is dedicated to water use efficiency and is highly respected in the field of irrigation water management. He is in constant demand as a speaker, trainer and consultant on water conservation issues.

Texas Irrigation Laws


Texas Irrigation Laws

Texas laws affecting irrigators changed in 2009. Water conservation and safety are critically important. Texas lawmakers passed legislation requiring all irrigators to submit proper drawings of their irrigation plans. Many irrigators had relied merely on their experience and common sense to do installs. We are able to help fellow irrigators with consultation and production of compliant CAD irrigation designs.